10 Of The Best Jobs For Disabled Workers

Various NonTech and Tech Jobs For The Disabled

It is a commonly known fact that unemployment rates are higher among the disables than the able-bodies. The current US stats show 12.1% of disabled people 4.8% without. In some cases, this is down to handicaps that limit the ability to work. In other cases, Tech Jobs for the disabled is down due to a lack of opportunities.

The good news is that there are some industries and big name companies that are trying to rectify this. They are doing this by providing high paying roles with good prospects to disabled candidates. There are many roles within the medical sector where disability is a benefit. Also if companies have a place to accommodate disabled people then they can easily hire the disabled people.

The following list looks at ten of the best jobs that have a strong median salary and projected growth rate where disabled workers are welcomed.

1) Pharmaceutical Sales

Pharmaceutical Tech Jobs For Disabled

The medical industry is a great place to find jobs that are suited for the disabled. Areas like pharmaceuticals are keen to take on people from various backgrounds with various levels of ability.

Also, disabled workers can bring a new perspective to an industry that may be struggling to connect with patients. Pharmaceutical Sales reps can bring a such of empathy to the role. There is a projected growth outlook of 16% here with a median salary of around $56,000.

2) Pharmaceutical Technician

Disabled workers have a problem-solving approach that could help with Pharmaceutical roles and more technical aspects of the field. If the sales side does not suit a candidate because of the interactions or other aspects of the job role, there is always the technical side.

There is a rise in disabled posts for pharmaceutical technicians. Handicapped workers have a problem-solving approach that could help with Pharmaceutical roles and more technical aspects of the field. Here the median salary is lower at around $28,400, but the growth outlook is higher at 32%.

3) Physician Assistant

Physician & tech Jobs For Disabled

These pharmaceutical roles allow disable workers to get behind the scenes in the drug industry, sell products and work on medication.The physician assistant role is different because it is a more patient-focus job.

where workers can deal one-on-one with other people with similar disabilities or illnesses. The median salary or this rewarding role is around $86,000, which explains its popularity. There is also a high growth outlook of 30%.

4) Medical Technologist

There are some different roles within hospitals and doctor’s offices where workers get to deal with patients on a one-to-one basis and see a progression of care. It all come back to this idea of empathy between one disabled person and another.

The disabled technologist can provide understanding and new approaches while dealing with issues that may be closely related to their conditions.

The median salary may be lower at around $46,000, and the growth rate is a low 13%, but this is a rewarding option for anyone wanting to give back to the community.

5) Vocational Counselor

Tech Jobs For Disabled

This is another job that plays heavily on this idea of giving back to the disabled community and providing a friendly face in difficult situations.

There are many vocational counselors and other job center employees that simply don’t relate to the struggles of the disabled unemployed. This means that there is a great opportunity for disable employees to step in to give guidance and encouragement. The growth outlook is 19% and the median salary around $53,000.

6) Accountant/Auditor

Moving away from the medical roles into tech jobs and other office-base locations, we come to a sector that is said to be one of America’s top industries when it comes to providing the best jobs for handicap people.

Accountancy is a great option for qualified disabled workers if the company provides adequate office space and other considerations. The growth outlook seems a little low at the moment compared to some the jobs above, at just 16%, and the median salary is around $61,000.

7) Telecommunications Equipment Specialist

This job opportunity sounds a little specialist compared to some of the others in this list. The reason that it is include is that it has a growth outlook of 15%, and this could easily rise. Telecommunications companies like AT&T are starting to take a closer look at their technology and their roles for disabled workers.

The solution is to hire workers with a background in technology to work on new equipment and technological advancements. Salaries will vary between companies, but the median is said to be around $54,000.

8) Software Developer

Software Developer Tech Jobs For The Disabled

This option is a lot more accessible as compared to telecommunications specialist. Also, it is one of the best options for tech jobs for disabled with the highest project growth outlook and median salary. There are least chances that jobs in the field of software technology are going to minimize. In fact, it is going to increase by 30% in the upcoming years.

A disabled worker with the right skills and qualifications now seems to have as much chance as an able-bodied worker. Even big names like Yahoo! are looking for disabled candidates and offering salaries around $90,000.

9) Market Research Analyst

As it is describe before, disable workers often have an alternative perspective on the world, certain services, and some products. Some big companies like Microsoft are beginning to see the potential here and are bringing in more disabled research analysts to work on product development. This $60,000 a year job is becoming more widespread with a growth outlook of 41%.

10) Management Consultant

Technical Support Tech Jobs For The Disabled

The final job on this list is another that might come as a surprise considering issues of limited opportunities and discrimination. Many disabled workers will be looking for entry-level jobs that they are qualified for – such as the tech and medical jobs above.

Management consultant posts are not completely out of reach in the right company. The median salary here is around $78,000 with a growth outlook of a fair 22%.

It is immediately clear that medical and tech-based roles are the best jobs where disabled workers can get ahead. These industries seem to see the potential in hiring handicapped workers and in providing them with great roles.

These sectors can only develop further with more job placements, higher salaries and more opportunities for skilled workers in managerial capacities.

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