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Thegenius.ca helps the physically challenged people by providing the information about technical jobs and accessible homes for them, and how they can live their life easily without depending on others.

Accessible websites mean how the physically challenged persons use the web. There are some job options available for the handicap people through which they can earn quickly without going outside. You can easily get all the relevant information on the internet.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) rule, handicap people have double chances of getting the technical jobs than the physically fit persons. Many companies provide the opportunities for handicap people to works at home through the internet. In this site, you will get all the helpful information for disabled people, how it works on office environment.

Our goal is to aware the handicap people to work at home or office through the internet. Here you will get all the related information for physically challenged persons to access the home and web, and different types of technical jobs are available.