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Video Poker Online Casinos

Hold onto your hat! Internet video poker rocks. It might be a bit confusing at first with all the different variations, so we recommend you play for free to get the hang of it.
It’s exciting and fun if you like regular online casino games or tournaments – and there are plenty of options available including progressive jackpots.

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Choose Video Poker version

You’ll be spoiled for choice picking a video poker game to play online. Most are based on five-card draw, but there are other variants out there including Deuces Wild and Aces & Faces.

How to Play Video Poker Online

Playing video poker online is very simple and you can begin by making a bet on the ‘Deal’ button. Once clicked, the system will deal five cards to both yourself and the virtual dealer.
You then have two options: hold, which means that you keep all of your current cards; or discard and replace – in this case, trading one card for another from within the deck.

Deciding which cards to keep can be tricky but it’s important. If you already have a winning hand (e.g.; A pair) then there’s no need to take any risks – just click ‘Draw’ when ready for more actions.

Hold Two Cards That Don’t Offer Any Worth Like Jokers Or Tens. Retain One Jack On The Table As It Could Provide Possibility Of A Royal Flush.

Understanding the payouts

When you first start playing video poker, the paytable will be right in front of your eyes. However, if you prefer to play with a little patience and check what cards have been drawn before deciding on your bet, then it’s easy to see why this becomes less obvious.
The typical online casino video poker variation is Jacks or Better and all other variants use that game as their blueprint. The only difference between these games – aside from the special features they offer – comes down to how much money each hand pays out for forming any given combination.

  • In Aces & Eights an Aces or higher card combination wins even more than normal.
  • Deuces Wild has lower payouts overall.

Best Video Poker Bets and Odds

You don’t need particular skills or strategic knowledge unlike with other classic table games like Texas Hold’em. There are no opponents that can outwit you and certainly no need for guesswork.
All that’s required in this game is a basic understanding of how card hands rank and solid knowledge of what makes a smart bet.

  • A winning hand consisting mainly of high-value cards (10 through Ace) guarantees higher pay outs over time.
  • Always check the ‘paytable’ before placing your bets.
  • Beginning as low as $0.25 per hand, there’s room for all levels at Canadian gambling sites online.

An Easy Video Poker Strategy

Video poker isn’t just for fun – it’s also one of the easiest ways to gamble online and win real money. However, going in blind won’t do you any favours. That’s why we’ve put together a list of top video poker tips that will help guide your strategy:

  1. Aim for run-of-the-mill hands: Forget about those high-flying dreams with royal flushes or straight flushes. Focus on making pairs to try and guarantee a small payout.
  2. The joker is not always funny: In video poker games that include wildcards like Jokers, attempt at keeping them in your hand rather than swapping them out thinking they’re unimportant; these cards can add a lot more value to your hand if you play strategically.
  3. Don’t hold onto the ‘dead’ card:
  • A ‘dead’ high-value card (king or ace) might be good enough at face value but could end up costing way too much when held without anything else that complements its worth during another round.
  • Holding multiple low-value cards like twos guarantees nothing since even their highest combo makes very little impact.

Three Reasons to play Video Poker

1. Strategic gameplay
Video poker payout rates vary depending on the machine you play, but with some versions of the game offering an RTP in excess of 99%, it’s possible to win much more than you initially wagered over time. The key to maximising your bankroll is understanding how video poker works and employing optimal strategy whenever possible.

Unlike other casino games like slots where payouts are governed exclusively by chance, video poker outcomes can be partially influenced by player’s decisions. By adhering to basic principles such as prioritising keeping high cards (Aces/High Pairs) or drawing for a flush instead of holding onto second-rate pairs, players can reduce the house edge significantly.

2. No betting restrictions
When playing table games at brick-and-mortar casinos there will typically be minimum bets enforced which could deter frugal gamblers from partaking in certain titles; after all – what’s fun in putting down $50 on one hand? At virtual casinos though minimum wagers are far less stringent making them accessible for gamers across numerous budgets.

The same goes for maximum stakes too, although this may work against those who favour going “all-in”. Still many formable Canadian sites offer substantial upper limits that exceed $500 so even high rollers have plenty options available here.

3 High Definition graphics & mobile optimisation
In recent years software developers have been working hard behind-the-scenes ironing out bugs related to slow loading times and grainy visuals plaguing older variants of Video Poker with new iterations now boasting crisp HD graphics.
What really sets this iteration apart from its predecessors though is their compatibility across multiple platforms including smartphones/tablets without compromising any visual fidelity whatsoever.


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