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Worried about the right job you can get due to your physical challenges? Many disabled people often encounter difficulties in securing the right position that will suit their condition. However, this can be a thing of the past as there are many new jobs for disabled people you can look for if you belong to this category of people.

While many organizations have policies to cater for all employees regardless of their physical condition, individuals with disabilities often struggle to get the right job. Some jobs require mobility even within the workstation and a bit of physique, and this is where the challenge comes for people who are disabled in one way or the other.

Various individuals have different forms of physical disabilities as well as visual impairments that affect their normal functioning. This situation does not necessarily mean that a physically challenged person is unable to perform various tasks that can be done by individuals who are physically fit.

There are jobs for disabled people, and they can meaningfully contribute to the operations of their respective organizations in many ways. This guide gives details about the suitable job options for disabled individuals.

Types Of Jobs You Can Look For

It seems many individuals with disabilities face many challenges concerning occupying hectic positions within organizations since they can fail to meet the standard expectations. The same individuals can do perfectly well when they work somewhere around their schedule.

The element of flexibility is crucial in the life of a disabled person. Technological advancements seem to be heralding new opportunities for physically challenged persons since they can search for jobs that give them the autonomy to be masters of their destiny. They can plan work schedules which they can manage without undue pressure.

There are new jobs that you can look for since they are specifically designed to suit the needs of physically challenged people. If your profession is IT or marketing related, then there are quite many opportunities available for disabled people who can also get full-time employment while working from the comfort of their homes.

The internet has revolutionized different facets of the business landscape, and people can remotely perform many tasks from different places. As such, people with disabilities can do various types of jobs from their own homes.

Many organizations are adopting the concept of work from home where they offer support services to their employees. This kind of organization is perfect for people with disabilities since they can operate from their homes. Job specifications remain the same only that individuals can get the flexibility to work around their schedules from the comfort of their homes.

IT related jobs like programming, data processing, web design and maintenance among others are good examples of tasks that are suitable for people with disabilities. Companies realize that commuting to and from work poses challenges to both disable and fit workers. With the support of their organizations, many disabled people are finding it more convenient to work from home.

Marketing related positions are also suitable for people who are disabled since they can remotely work from any place. With the right hardware and software, it is possible for people with challenges to work full time from their homes since they will be using the same tools just like in the organization.

When you are looking for a job that you can do from home, you must also state it in your application that you are disabled. Many employers are humane enough to understand that disability does not mean inability. The recruitment process travelling online, and once you get the job, you can operate from your house.

The main advantage of working from home is the flexibility it gives you when physically challenged. Depending on your organization, you can also get personal care attendants to assist you. Video conferencing using technology such as Skype can also help you to perform different tasks in real-time but in the comfort of your house.

There are numerous tech jobs, and these are suitable for people with different forms of disabilities. The main advantage of looking for this type of work is that it gives you the flexibility you need. You can also do it at home at your own pace since you can manage your time to sit in your schedule.

Apart from tech jobs, disabled people can also venture into administrative work which they can do from their homes. As more companies are adopting a paperless way of doing business, disabled people are in a better position to perform different types of work from their homes.

If you are disabled, you can also try to venture into entrepreneurship. Working with the right skills and tools at your disposal, you can achieve your dream of becoming your boss since you can design your work schedule to suit your physical condition and the demands of the job.

How To Improve Opportunities For People With Disabilities

A mismatch exists where many disabled people fail to get desired jobs owing to attitude problems among other employers. Organizations have a role to play if the issue of employment for people with disabilities is to be adequately addressed. Many people have the feeling that they cannot provide equal opportunities to people who are disabled since their level of productivity cannot match people who are able-bodied.

Organizations need to extend an olive branch to the individuals with disabilities so that they can apply for positions available. Companies need to adopt remote interviewing strategies if they are to attract diverse employees even with limitations.

It is also essential for companies to promote attitude change among the members so that they can treat people with disabilities as equal. Attitude change starts by creating a culture that is accommodative and inclusive of the needs of all the people regardless of their physical condition.

It is also imperative for firms to encourage the employees to come up with ideas about the things they want to see implemented in their operations. The people with disabilities ought to be given the autonomy to share their contributions about the things they want to see applied to improve their performance.

Companies also need to strengthen the use of various communication technologies in their operations. Apart from culture change, organizations need to realize that the adoption of different forms of technology in their services can go a long way in fostering collaboration. This new technology helps the employees to work from any place, and it serves the disabled people from excessive travelling to and from work.

Regardless of aspects such as the exact location where each employee is, new technology can help bridge the gap among the employees where they can work closer to each other. There are different forms of technology that can be adopted by the organizations that are concerned about fulfilling the needs of all workers regardless of their physical fitness.

More importantly, organizations should strive to open up work from home opportunities to a variety of people apart from the disabled persons only. This scenario helps to remove the stigma associated with working from home since many people embrace it. The idea of work from home adopted by people from different backgrounds assisting the employees to appreciate each other as equal.

What Technology To Adopt

There are different forms of communication technology that you can choose if you want to operate remotely, and still achieve your desired goals. For instance, Google hangoutsSkype as well as other instant messaging services can help you connect in real time with workmates from different places.

Source: Google Help

BEAM is the other type of technology that helps you to connect with different people in real time. This technology helps to create a scenario where you interact with people from different backgrounds as it is happening, and you can feel their presence in the video conferencing setup.

Mobile technology is also currently experiencing a boom, and it is vital for companies to adopt this method of communication since it helps to improve connectivity. Promoting the use of this technology is encouraged since it allows people with various physical challenges to perform some of the tasks that enhance their potential.

The main advantage of using new information and communication technology powered platforms is that people involved can communicate in real time. This kind of technology is easy to use, and it also promotes meaningful collaboration between people located in different places.

How To Start The Search For Jobs

There are many steps that you can take into consideration if you are looking for a suitable position for people with disabilities. Millions of people categorized as disabled often encounter challenges to secure jobs that will suit their conditions due to different reasons.

The US Census Bureau states that about 19 percent of the American population constitute disabled people. While the statistics are not precise, it is true that people who belong to this category often face challenges to get the right jobs that suit their conditions.

Therefore, if you are disabled and looking for a job, you need to search for opportunities that are available online. Some organizations and agencies offer recruitment services that are tailored to suit the needs of disabled people. Online searching is the starting point as many organizations have realized that there is a lot of untapped potential among people with various disabilities.

For instance, disABLEDperson, Inc is an excellent example of a charitable organization that operates online, and it primarily focuses on assisting disabled persons to get employment. All disabled persons can sign-up for a free account where they can upload their resume. Once you open up an account, then you can receive emails and SMS texts about new job alerts.

Job seekers are finding the good jobs that are posted on this platform since the employer or representatives directly display each job posting with skill levels. Employers pay a fee to get access to use the platform so that they can post jobs available for disabled people.

Hundreds of active jobs for disabled people are posted on a daily basis, and there are numerous opportunities for people with various challenges. Jobs are posted to different job boards to make it easy for the targeted audiences to search for their desired professions. All positions are categorized according to trade and information, and technology professions constitute the bulk of available jobs.

The other aspect is that all job postings are listed according to location. You can search for your desired job from any place, and you can also create links with employers from different areas. All posts are supposed to meet compliance goals of the department of labour falling under the Office of Federal Contracts. All contracts are carefully checked to ensure that they do not violate the set rules and regulations.

Apart from offering jobs, disABLEDperson, Inc also provides veterans and other heroes alike with free marketable training to improve the skills of the affected people so that they can get better jobs. This platform was created out of love for all members of the community especially those with disabilities to be in a better position to realize their dreams and goals.

The other measure you can take when looking for a job that is suitable for disabled persons is to join a network of people with disabilities. This move will help you to collaborate with other people with disabilities since this is the ideal place where you can get the right information about your job needs. You also get the opportunity to interact with the employers so that you can get a feel for the environment you are exploring.

You should also make it clear on your resume that you are disabled and this will help you to get the attention of the employers searching for employees with disabilities. Your resume should also outline your skills and all the other activities that you are capable of performing.

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